CALL FOR ART INSTRUCTORS for Engage in the Arts Fests

Engage in the Arts is a series of outdoor art and music fests that will take place on the second Saturday of the month from June through September from 12-5PM in Dallas, Wisconsin next to Valkyrie Brewing Company. At these four outdoor events, there will be live music, art shows, art demos and art classes. The bands on stage include: Last Open Road Band on June 12, the Rock Creek Song Dogs on July 10, the Cutaways on August 14, and Sue Orfield and the Two Rivers Band on September 11.

At the Engage in the Arts outdoor art and music fests, people are encouraged to become active participants in the art experience provided at the events. If people are given the opportunity to create art firsthand, they gain a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Engage in the Arts is seeking art instructors in the following disciplines: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewelry, Metals, Photography, Fiber Arts, Writing, Music, and Dance.

The art instructor is expected to provide all class materials, plus tables, and chairs if needed for each student. Each instructor is to set the cost of the class per student and is responsible for collecting the payments. There will be no fee to the instructor to participate in Engage in the Arts, but all classes must be approved by the Engage in the Arts committee. Instructors are required to complete a proposal application for their art class and send a photo of the art being taught. We also request that you indicate which date you would like to teach your class. June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11. You may choose more than one.

If interested, fillout the Art Class Proposal Application and email Ann at art(at)

If chosen, Engage in the Arts will promote you as one of its instructors. There is limited space so people are encouraged to apply early, but the deadlines are as follows.

  • Proposal Application and photo are due by June 8th for the June 12 class.
  • Proposal Application and photo are due by July 5th for the July 10 class.
  • Proposal Application and photo are due by August 10th for the August 14 class.
  • Proposal Application and photo are due by September 5th for the September 11 class.