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Dallas, Wisconsin
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What's that I hear?  Ooompah.... Ooompah..... Ooompah...
Boy, I'm gettin' powerful thirsty.  I wonder if Valkyrie is sampling their beer somewheres?
All right, I want to know who is responsible for this, right now!
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    Rune Amok
    Runes or what can be thought of as "Viking ”graffiti” are carvings that the Vikings left to signify a place, a person, or an event. One well-known example can be seen in the mosque of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparently, two Vikings visited and carved their names, Halvdan and Are, in runes inside the building. At the time, Istanbul, which was then known as Constantinople, was the capital of Byzantium Empire and one of the great powers of the 10th century. There are accounts of Viking expeditions traveling to Constantinople, not only to trade and plunder, but to also to find employment as bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperor Basil II.

    The term "Run Amok" comes from Captain James Cook, a British explorer who first used it in his book about his observations of Malay tribesmen in 1770 during his around-the-world voyage. Amok comes from the Malaysian word mengamok. Which means to behave in a wild, or uncontrolled manner.

    Valkyrie's Rune Amok is an English Style Extra Special Bitter (ESB).

    Availability: Seasonal - Released in August
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 Barrels
    Style: Extra Special Bitter
    Body: Moderately light
    Color: Light Amber
    Alcohol Content: %

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