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Dallas, Wisconsin
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A Viking's word is his bond. No Viking takes any oath lightly, but only bravest will swear an oath of allegiance by the name of the highest of the Norse gods, Odin. An Odin's Oath is an utterly unbreakable pact. To do so would bring shame upon your entire bloodline and the wrath of Odin will be upon you and all your descendants until the end of time.

Because of this, Vikings go to great extremes to keep their oath to Odin. For Odin's wrath comes swiftly upon those who beak their vows. Odin's Oathkeeper, the spear Gungnir, knows its path. When thrown by Odin, this mighty weapon will seek out and strike down the "Oath Deceiver" and returns to the powerful hand of Odin.

    A Viking Must Remain:

      Right and True When
           Swearing an Oath to the Mighty God Odin,

      Fierce and Courageous When
          Battling Demons of Fear,

      Wise and Honorable When
          Dealing with Thy Enemies,

      Dignified and Humble When
          Venerated in His Victory.

Odin's Oathkeeper is a Black IPA made with roasted wheat, dark malts and Wisconsin hops from the Wisconsin Hop Exchange Co-op. It pours pitch black with a thick dark mocha head. Nice rich dark flavors and an amazing dry finish of roasted malts and hops. It is a very well balanced beer.

Availability: Extended Seasonal
    12 oz. Bottles
    Kegs: 1/6 BBls
Style: Roasted Wheat Black India Pale Ale
Body: Heavy
Color: Black
Alcohol Content: 7%
IBU: 90

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