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Dallas, Wisconsin
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Whoa!  That's a lot of beer!
What's that I hear?  Ooompah.... Ooompah..... Ooompah...
Boy, I'm gettin' powerful thirsty.  I wonder if Valkyrie is sampling their beer somewheres?
All right, I want to know who is responsible for this, right now!
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    A Swan Maiden is another name for a Valkyrie. Valkyries can transform into swans and from swans into swan-maidens, but if a Valkyrie changes into a swan-maiden, she is at risk of being trapped on earth if she is caught without her plumage.

    According to many folklore traditions, if a man happens upon a swan-maiden bathing and he can steal her feathered cloak, she must remain a maiden and become his wife.

    The sagas tell of such a union between a man and a Valkyrie, but after some years had passed, the swan-maiden discovers the hidden cloak that the man had taken from her. The sight and feel of the cloak remind her of the glory days of the past. She immediately puts on the cloak and flies away to Valhalla leaving the man and all behind her.
    Swan Maiden is a Our light and refreshing Kölsch Beer. Available for Summer Solstice.

    Availability: June
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 and 1/2 Barrels
    Style: Kölsch Beer
    Body: Light
    Alcohol Content: 4%

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