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Big Swede
Honor, Loyalty, Bravery, and Fairness were qualities that were admired and commended by the Vikings.

Big Swede, a fierce traveler who feared no seas and whose legendary exploits have been praised through the ages. He not only left a legacy of exploration and conquest, but also one of colonization, democracy and diplomacy. Big Swede welcomed all adventure even if it was to be his last. To Valhalla!

We first started brewing Big Swede in 1997. Big Swede is a Swedish Style Imperial Stout that is brewed along the style of a Baltic Porter, but is much heavier and stronger. Exported ales (like Russian Imperial Stouts) were introduced from Britain in the 18th century. These were influenced by regional styles when they were produced locally in Sweden. The Swedes, being the good traders that they are, brewed the Swedish Imperial Stout and exported it to Russia themselves.

While Big Swede is an ale, it is also lager aged much like the beers brewed in those Baltic breweries. Big Swede is brewed to the maltier side. It has a nose of vanilla, coffee, currants and wood. Flavors are nutty & creamy, with a hint of molasses, dark fruits, carob, & a whiff of whiskey.

Availability: Extended Seasonal
    Bottles: 12 oz.
    Kegs: 1/6 Barrels
Style: Swedish Imperial Stout
Body: Heavy
Color: Black
Alcohol Content: 8.5%
Original Gravity:


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