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Dallas, Wisconsin
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    Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate is very unique beer that has its beginnings nearly 7000 years ago. The mixture of Chocolate and Cayenne Peppers was a taste treat that was set aside exclusively for Aztec royalty.

    Hot Chocolate is a Chocolate Stout brewed with a lot of Fair Trade organic cocoa and cayenne pepper. This soft beer has light roasty flavors accompanied by good dark chocolate, rich coffee notes and a nice, spicy, peppery finish.

    We choose to brew Hot Chocolate with Fair Trade organic cocoa from Dean's Beans because of their continued commitment to sustainable development and their socially just and environmentally responsible trade practices.

    Go ahead, try a Hot Chocolate - the Drink of the Aztec Gods - and treat yourself to the delicious taste combination of chocolate and peppers once reserved for Aztec Emperors. It's good to be king.

    Availability: Seasonal - December
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 Barrels
    Style: Chocolate Stout
    Body: Heavy
    Color: Brown
    Alcohol Content: 5%

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