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Dallas, Wisconsin
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Whoa!  That's a lot of beer!
What's that I hear?  Ooompah.... Ooompah..... Ooompah...
Boy, I'm gettin' powerful thirsty.  I wonder if Valkyrie is sampling their beer somewheres?
All right, I want to know who is responsible for this, right now!
coming soon

It is a bright, calm day. You sit back and relax soaking up the last golden rays of the evening sun while listening to the ocean's waves beat rhythmically against the shore. You think about the many riches you've reaped these last few years and smile; a life of ease sure has its rewards.

All of a sudden the alarm cry goes out. You jolt upright and look immediately out to sea. With the feeling of dread in pit of your stomach you search the horizon. There, you see them! Those sails are unmistakable; white striped in blood red. For a moment you are unable to move as waves of terror now sweep over you. You all knew the risks, but you were willing to take the chance. You squeezed them out of the trading network. Their honor has been disgraced.

They are coming...

Invader is a Doppel Bock with a caramel apple laden nose and aromas of allspice, heather and wildflowers.
The taste starts with a bold caramel malt and apple character leading to a wonderfully mild hop balance with a woody and floral finish.

Watch for Valkyrie's Invader. This one, you'll welcome.

Availability: Seasonal - Released in January

    Kegs: Bottles & 1/6 Barrels
Style: Doppel Bock
Body: Heavy
Color: Deep Amber
Alcohol Content: 6.5%

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