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Dallas, Wisconsin
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Whoa!  That's a lot of beer!
What's that I hear?  Ooompah.... Ooompah..... Ooompah...
Boy, I'm gettin' powerful thirsty.  I wonder if Valkyrie is sampling their beer somewheres?
All right, I want to know who is responsible for this, right now!
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    You see her from across a smoked filled room. When she moves, her hips sway like a branch in an autumn breeze. She is speaking to someone else, but glances over at you occasionally and then looks away. Her eyes flash green when she laughs, which is often and loud, a little too loud, as if to catch your attention. Oh, she has it alright.

    Rubee is the first of Valkyrie's Beers to hit the streets. Rubee is a Martzen lager, a relative and precursor to the Oktoberfest style. Rubee is a full figured red lager that is zealous without being overbearing. Lots of caramel malts add body and nutty, sweet overtones to the beer with just a light hint of smokiness.

    Rubee's character changes with her situation and surroundings. If she is cold, she tends to be sharp, crisp and slightly biting. If she is served at mild temperatures, she is smooth, and fuller bodied with richer notes of caramel and dried fruit.

    Availability: Year Round
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 and 1/2 Barrels
    Style: Martzen - Red Lager
    Body: Medium
    Color: Amber-Red
    Alcohol Content: 5.5%
    Original Gravity: 1.054

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