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Dallas, Wisconsin
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    War Hammer
    During the Viking era, all free Norse men owned and carried weapons displaying their social status; a wealthy Viking would likely have a metal helmet, ringmail, a shield, a broad axe and a sword; while the average farmer was likely to be limited to a spear, a shield, a knife and a hammer.

    The war hammer with its spike was a versatile and powerful weapon used in close combat battle.

    Without a doubt, our War Hammer is a fearsome beer to meet. This heavy beer is brewed for ultimate flavor.

    War Hammer is a Coffee, Oatmeal, Milk Porter. When brewing War Hammer, Valkyrie uses sweet dark roasted malts for dark chocolate tanginess, coffee for that deep roasted coffee flavor, oatmeal for smoothness and lactose (milk sugar) for creaminess. War Hammer has notes of dark caramel and molasses then finishes with a rich coffee flavor.

    If you like coffee beers, you won't be able to resist the smooth and powerful flavor of War Hammer.

    Availability: Year Round
      Bottles: 12 oz.
      Kegs: 1/6 and 1/2 Barrels
    Style: Coffee, Milk Porter
    Body: Heavy
    Color: Black
    Alcohol Content: 4.5%

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